Why Elsewhere?

We’re the antidote to stereotypes and assumptions.

In a world where marketing provides limitless opportunities for tailored communication, the traditional approach to insight is broken.

We don’t believe in ‘consumers’. We believe in people and in finding ways to connect with them in all their complicated glory. 

We don’t reduce life to a pen portrait or cold complicated data. Instead, we share qualitative stories of opportunity, told in understandable and exciting ways; through film, audio and the power of people’s own words.

We don’t stop at simple observations; we blend with intelligence to offer clear outputs, perceptive strategy and creative thinking that bring insights to life in lasting ways. 

Underpinned by our integrated network, we don’t stay fixed in the same place. We explore ever-evolving truths and keep challenging common knowledge with integrity and commitment.



We approach everything from inside communities, meaning we see what’s less obvious to others.


Our communities are representative across many different identities, mindsets, passions and beliefs, unlocking unrealised possibilities for brands.


We make the research and insight-gathering inclusive and equitable keeping our methodologies flexible, respectful, considered and always imaginative.